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Feeling prolific today! Just drew Yamase stuff though
All Powerful by Aura-Alora
All Powerful
Yuuna: Don't forget, you are my daughter before you are anyone's Chosen One.

Another spoilerific pic for my comic (but it's ok because it will probably never get finished at the rate I'm going, and as I said before, only two people actually read it probably)

But it turns out Motherly Love was good for something after all, and Yuuna was able to get Yamase back to the...light? side. Well, it's not like Yamase is *evil* per se, more like she just got a different perception of what was good and it just happened to be the wrong perception. When the boys fail to get her back, it's up to Yuuna to slap some sense into her child. 

I'm actually really proud of this one in terms of not giving Yamase and Yuuna the same body type. Though do not ask my where their other arms are, I couldn't figure that out in the sketch either >_>

I kind of pictured a scene where Yamase kind of knocks down or pushes away all the guys and the only one left standing is Yuuna, who is horrified at what her daughter has become. She walks up to her apprehensively and Yamase hesitates. Like, there are some things you just don't do and one of them is magically pushing your mom away. So she's kind of inching backward, afraid of accidentally hurting her, and the more she goes backward the more Yuuna comes forward; until Yuuna wraps her arms around her daughter and apologises for not being aware of everything she was going through and not being there when she needed her the most. Yamase complains that everyone expects her to be perfect and either help save or destroy the world and nobody cares about what she wants (hint: it's to just be a normal teenager and go buy shoes or something). Yuuna reassures her that the world will still be there tomorrow (probably) and that there are those who are more than willing to help share the burden. Yamase then completely calms down and embraces her mother. Crisis averted. And proof that a mother's love if more powerful than an all-powerful being.

But not entirely because there are other forces at play despite Yamase's indecisiveness ;)

Yamase and co are from :iconyamasemanga: (see also:
Find other Yamase artwork here:…
Fight by Aura-Alora
I felt like drawing a fight scene but got lazy half-way. So here ya go, a spoilerific 'poster' for a Yamase chapter that will probably come out in the next 20 years or so :lmao:

As you can see, everyone (except Yuuna) has their own unique magical ability.
Kai is flames, fire and brimstone (which all two of you who read my comic will know)
Yuuna's ability is motherly love (haha sucks to be Yuuna)
Magnus is light (which I am being very creative in finding abilities for)
Eric is like...a focused energy-beam/light-saber thing (because he is a stabiliser)
Yamase's ability is one-size-fits-all (she can do anything, basically)
Mystery Guy is green electricity bolts (if you read them carefully, they say crackle and snap--I couldn't find a way to cleverly insert pop in there)

Yamase and co are from :iconyamasemanga: (see also: )
Find other Yamase artwork here:…


Aura-Alora has started a donation pool!
2,000 / 4,000
Saving up for a subscription, I think 4000 points is the 1 year sub, but I'll settle for the 1 month sub...which is 400 points, I think.

You can commission me if you like:
100 points = R10 - sketch (done with pencil or digital media)
250 points = R25 - digital portrait done chibi style
500 points = R50 - fully-coloured cartoon/anime digital work

FB page:…

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  • :iconjazukai:
    Donated May 12, 2014, 7:03:51 AM
  • Mood: Cheerful
Wow I haven't used this thing in a while hahaha. Anyway, I have TWO IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS about MAJOR EVENTS happening in December 2013 that ya'll should keep your eyes peeled for!

THE FIRST ONE is an event I'm organising myself with a few of my friends called the Christmas Calender >> :iconchristmascalender: << Those of you who have been following me for a long time will be familiar with it. It's basically a calender where each person gets a day in December (up until the 25th) where they upload a Christmas-related piece of artwork (it can be a sculpture, a painting, a poem, a story, ANYTHING!). At the end of the calender we hold a raffle and the winners could win anything that has been donated (there haven't been any donations yet this year tho, I still need to get that in order). What I need from you is your support!
    - If you're able to pick a day in December to donate art that would be super! :iconfrankyplz:
    - If you're willing to donate a prize that would be awesome! :icondrhorribleplz:
    - If you're willing to help out with organising and recruitment that would be spectacular! :iconsparklyeyes:
    - If you're able to spread the word that would be amaziiinngg~ :boogie:
Thanks in advance for anyone willing to donate their time during this busy time of year :D

THE SECOND ONE is an event being organised by Ms. Lora Innes, known for her work on the webcomic, The Dreamer. This event is known as "Comic Creators for Freedom" and has been running for THREE YEARS! What it entails is that a bunch of webcomic authors band together to create a massive wallpaper that is then given to people who donate to a particular charity in the US called "Love148", which helps victims of human trafficking *takesabreath*

I've participated for all three years it's been running, and I'm super keen to participate again this year. What I need from you is...DUN DUN DUN...your support!

>>> If you are a webcomic author and you're eager to join the cause, email Ms. Innes at this address: comics4freedom AT gmail DOT com with the following information:
    - your name
    - your comic's name
    - a url to your comic
    - your *female character's name
    - a 70 x 70 pixel icon of your character
*Female is not necessary for this year's theme :)

>>>If you know a comic book author who is keen to participate, pass the message on! It'll help if they're a big name as this will spread the word even further and help us gain some more donations!

>>>If you know someone who excellent video editing skills, the drive needs someone to help film and edit a video on what the drive is about etc.

Donations open during the 2nd of December to the 14th of December. 

Thank you for your time :bow:


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After 22 years on this planet you’d think that Simone would know who she is. But nope. She’s still as confused as when she first arrived here. Her study of humanoid culture has, so far, culminated in earning a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in English and History, and teaching in a lower-income school in South Africa. She tends to speak in an insanely fast and unintelligible babble mostly consisting of filler words and mispronunciations, and is often seen documenting daily life on paper with whatever marking instrument happens to be nearby.

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